Monday, 29 April 2013

Complaint Against Mantri Builders

worst commitment

Mantri developers are name sake Banglore #1 developers, Its a real blunder to rate them as top#1. Even I believe because of the rating they had, but now I realised that Mantri is a useless organization in terms of commitment. They have no commitment at all, they would have forgot about the meaning of commitment too. Starting from the Vice president of chennai operations until the down the line marketing respresentatives all are bluff masters. I wonder if Mr.Sushil Mantri, MD who build this Mantri empire is aware of this. For the Mantri Synergy project which they started in Chennai in 2007, Mantri missed 4 deadlines till now and again postponed the possession to mid 2011. I wonder if they ever keep promises. All the ladies and gentlemen who wants to buy any property with them, be sure that in the construction agreement, they will mention that they will pay a penalty of around 2.5 to 3RS per SFT for the delayed period, but they will not mention the end date of penalty in the construction agreement. So you will be ended up paying both the bank loans and rent which is proportionally more than 15 times than what the penalty they paid to you. I agree that every builder has challenges like non availability of cement or labor, but not such that they missed 4 deadlines which is not acceptable by any customer or atleast me. All Mantri victims, please place your complaints here so that we would have helped someone not to become a victim like us.

I got possession of my flat, Tulip, Mantri Park, Goregaon E, Mumbai, in 2007 and only moved in on 11/12/10. They have still not managed to get municipal water supply. for the last three years they have been giving false promises, saying, "in one and a half months you will get municiapl water".

The construction is so poor, with the first rain all the walls hav developed major water patches. The maintanence of the building is pathetic. It is dirty, debris all over, pan stains, broken flooring, pathetic elevators. Overall it looks worse than a 15 year old building.

Now on moving in I am told that I cannot park my car inside the compound unless I buy a stilt parking, as all open parking has already been alloted to customers when they purchased their flats. On probing further find out that they charged customers higher rates for their flats and alloted them open parking spaces, i.e. indirectly they have sold open parking spaces. According to the law this is ilegal, as builders can sell only stilt parking.

The result of this very behaviour of Mantri and all their false promises is very evident, as there are many flats still vacant and not sold since 5 years.

I strongly discourage anyone from buying any flat in Mantri Park, as you are dealing with thugs and cheats.

Absolutely correct. Mantri builders are real cheaters and they never ever keep their words. When I booked the flat on July 2009 they said they will complete the project on March 2010 and after that postponed to June 2010 and again to September 2010. When I enquired on September 2010 they said May 2011 and last time when visited their site they are saying June 2011. But as per their development I don’t think they are going to complete it on or before of September 2011. More over when I visited my flat last time I saw whatever they have committed they haven’t provided anything like built in wardrobes for both bedrooms. I have everything on writing but when I asked about this, they said sorry we couldn’t do that and they will give stand alone wardrobes in the drawing room. God only knows what they will give. Secondly their customer care is so bad and they are treating their customers as slum dogs and they are telling if you need you can cancel your project. When I write to their MD and it was pin drop silence.


I am totally surprised that Snehal Mantri was given the Award on behalf of Mantri Developers when she has no commitment to her projects undertaken. Who decides on giving awards to craps and creeps. The Mantri Synergy Project in Chennai, OMR is the worst in construction, besides not having any Borewell for water supply and there is no sewage water treatment. Mantri Builders are real frauds and cheats and people should not buy anymore from Mantri Developers and make them run out of business until they fulfill their commitments in all their projects. Having made so much of huge profits in millions and millions, how shamefully they are unprofessional. I am pretty sure with this kind of attitude, they are ruining themselves.

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