Monday, 29 April 2013

Complaints Mantri Builders Bad Construction

Bad construction of Flats and Non provisioning of facilities as per agreement....Bad service quality
Dear Mr Mantri,

We are the residents of Mantri Park at Goregaon (East). Frankly speaking we are staying there because we have purshased our flat there. There is nothing that we can do about it now. However you may choose to act responsibly and make our lives better while you still have the charge of all the buildings. The broad areas which may be looked into are as below.

1. The Drainage in an around the flats / tenmants at Mantri Park in Goregaon (east). Could you please prvide ablueprint of the same to the flat owners.
2. The efficient and high speed lifts and best lighting systems that you all so widely publicize are nowhere close to either efficient, or the likes. The Lifts at best crawl when they do for most of the time they dont even move. Would help if you can actually have a few lifts installed which are atleast inline with the payments for amenities that the buyers have provided to you.
3. There is no water supply from BMC. We dont know if its ever going to be there. So inspite of beating around the bush and giving away all answeres that sound like anyting from the superfluous to the outright dumb, we would request you to kindly let us know a date by which we may get our water supply and the Occupation Certificates. I am sure that its not too much to ask given that we paid you our entire savings.
4. The gymnasium as promised is built and is running. At least a lot of us are on the treadmills provided. I just had one small question... Have you visited the place yourself ??? If yes id it as per the standards that you have set for the group as a whole. If yes I am surprised... You may count one less customer to deal with in all your future endeavors. We are surprised since we did hold you in high esteem as far as your builder repute was concerned. Post checking in to Mantri Park... Its a different and an opposite story altogether. For starters just look at the construction quality of the buildings... You really think that is your best stroke... Kindly do something about it and get redeemed atleast.
5. There is not one green patch in the entire building. I am assuming you made money by selling them for parking. Good for business in the short term, in the long haul you are bound to have a lot many customers less to deal with.
6. Are we supposed to have fire systems in the building. I was under the impression that it is a must as per laid rules... Or did I miss some other rule which states that buildings which would fall anyways due to poor construction are not supposed to have fire control systems within... Do let me know.
7. the swimming pool has no water...!!! for crying out loud ...
8. The parking areas are like mumbai roads... We are sure they can be bettered. Mr Hafeez Contractor can surely advise you on how to do it...
9. Last but not the least ... boss with your security guards somebody is going to get robbed sooner or later. the guards you have cant guard their own selves... forget guarding the complex...

I really do not think that you can be diretly responsible for such and so much anarchy and such shoddy work. You either have a really non efficient staff or you are actually not bothered and so are your staff... and We hear that you want to launch an IPO ???? God save us all...

Mr Mantri, All I can tell you is a very famous adage which might bring some semblance to the whole issue

" You may fool somebody all the time,
You may fool everbody, some time, BUT
You cannot fool everybody every time.

trust me you fooled us once...never again shall we look at your property for any purpose whatsoever.

Mr Mantri, I feel that as a respectable businessman you have a reputation to keep, and build on for the future. Do something about it is what our advise will be to you. I am sure that this will fall on your deaf ears...but if it manages to get your attention please know that its nothing personal... its all business... In this case we feel cheated... Can you do something to alleviate the situation...

Trust me we wish you all the best for future but if you donot help yourself by helping the tenants of this Mantri Park, you would loose face and your respect atleast before the residents of ths society.

Hoping you all take this in a constructive manner and do the needful to regain what you have lost...


Please note I have written this mail anonymously because I do no wish to get life threats etc as mentioned in the other complaints...... God bless

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  1. Do you really believe that Mr. Mantri is going to take any action on your complaints? I wonder if that happens. Doing such frauds and cheating investors has become a trend and people like Mr. Mantri are everywhere. For an instance take the example of Mr. Jawad Rathore of Fortress Real Development who paid a fine of $3m for cheating the investors.