Monday, 29 April 2013

Complaints against Poor quality of construction at Mantri Espana

Poor quality of construction at Mantri Espana

I purchased Mantri Espana with an understanding that it’s a premium property and paid premium cost. But when apartment given to me for PDI, found construction quality very average, even cracks in marvel flooring. asked Mantri officials to rectify it but for 4 months they kept on saying " it’s getting rectified" . Finally they put some solution to it and even after that crack was clearly visible. Now my handover is already delayed by 5 months and I’m paying hefty rent in my current accommodation but there is no body in Mantri to listen and do needful. I feel like cheated by Mantri, where they have taken the full money and have not deliverd the apartment with basic quality of construction.


Mantris think they are above customers respect.

Having heard of quality of construction and good service from big names, I called into Mantri Developer’s toll free number (18001210000). I dialled the options for Bangalore and Alpyne appts. It took me 3 calls and some waiting in beetween to get someone to receive the call. I politely mentioned that I am looking for some information abt the project. I hear back somone speaking in hindi with a rude tone... saying " I am driving now, call me later". I was taken by shock... since I expected to reach some courteous customer care exec. I reconfirmed if it is someone from Mantri and asked if I can speak to someone else(hoping to find someone much polite than him). He said "whats the hurry?" Hinting that Ican call him later after he is no more driving!!!!! How do I know that...?.

I have heard of high headedness and rough handling of customers from this builder in some earlier cases as well. I have for the time being dropped the idea of considering Mantri developers after this incident. Not being sure, if this is the kind of response you get for inquiries, what could be expected once the money is gone to the other side!

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