Monday, 29 April 2013

Complaints Against Mantri Developers

Dont invest in Mantri - they are real cheaters
I made a mistake by investin in Mantri Navratna. it is the biggest financial mistake of my life. They simply not even bother to reply to you once you book the apartment, except for payment. Their staff in Chennai Lokesh talks as if he is a Ladu labakku dass, doesnt even have the courtesy to talk politely with customer. the project is delayed by almost 4 months from 15-mar-2013 to 30-june-2013 and the Mantri staff doesnt give explanation for this delay. After coming in contact with one of my friend who also unfortunately invested in Synergy, I am worried about the quality of the construction. even GOD cannot save me from these money monsters. 
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Not even having the basic security feature in Lift

I am a resident of Mantri Synergy, Chennai. The lift is not having a very basic safety mechanism that when power goes off, it doesn’t go on to the nearest floor to open it up. If power goes off people will be stuck and if there is no electrician to do the switch over to the DG power.. that is stay there in the dark and if you are lucky to survive then some one will come and open the door for you... Staying in 8th floor there is no option other than using the lift... Very basic security feature is not there in the lift of this so called "HI-TECH" apartment. Frustrated living here.



At Synergy ,Chennai, Mantris have cheated 75o investors, have not  got the completion certificate because as per the plan approval no infrastructure has been provided even after 18 months of occupation. People have to buy every drop of water and not only that in the absence of a sewage system in place people have to pay for the disposal of sewage water also. Besides all of us have a feeling of living in slum with  knee deep water everwhere in basements and car parks and walkways breeding mosquitoes. This is the world class feature from an international award winning realtor. Shame on the sponsors who gave the awards. Real cheating . Have sold open terrace and not provided solar panels as per the plan approval ALL DEVIATIONS and deficiencies.  Have sold car parks in the open for 1lakh  in violation of SUPREME court. judgement 

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