Monday, 29 April 2013

Complaints against Service Tax charged by Mantri Developers.

Service Tax charged by Mantri Developers. complaints Complaint
All the customers of Mantri Celista received service tax notification just 15 days back with info to pay service tax at 4.12% immediatly or pay panelty @ 18%. All the customer do have questions but not getting any satisfication answer from builder representatives.

My question is as follows:--

1. Where is the mention of service tax-rate @ 4.12% ? 

2. It very specifically mention in point 6 that service tax is levy on the pending construction till the issuance of “completion certificate”. I/We have paid the money based on the construction. We paid amounts on each stage of construction completion, for Ex paid amount at 10th floor roof slab completion then 15th floor. At each stage we should have got the “completion certificate” from Mantri “Architect” Or “Chartered Engineer” OR ”licensed surveyor” Right…? 

And the law specifically share that information that their certificate should be taken in to consideration to determine the service tax liability. 

3. Also in the XLS file construction value is taken at 68.4% where it should be 67% as specified in your document 

Q.1 In this case why are we getting charged at 4.12% ? 

Q.2 Why Mantri is not considering the “Completion Certificate” fact and charge customer on pending amount 1st july 2010? 

Q.3 Why the calculation of construction at 68.4% and not 67% ? 

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